Buy a Horse 101


There’s nothing that can take the place of a horse when you are a true horse lover.

  •  The way they look.
  •  The way they feel.
  •  The way they smell.
  •  Those soft nickers and high-pitched whinnies
  •  The feeling of flying when you ride them

Horses are an addiction!

Once you have made the decision to get a horse of your own, please take the time to research carefully and thoughtfully the horse you are looking for.

I have seen many people run out and buy the first horse they find that's for sale and end up with one that they can't enjoy.

You want one that you can ride NOW.  (Notice I wrote 'now' in red - it's that important!)
  • Not one you are planning to be able to ride.. one day.. when you’re more experienced..
  • or
  • Have more time to practice..
  • or
  • Whatever excuse you can think of..
There are lots of horses out there who will suit the level of riding experience you have.

Search out one like that.

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