August 3, 2007

Basic Riding Arenas

Beginner riders will have a much easier time if they do their learning in an arena. Horse riding arenas provide a great place for beginners to practice so they learn the necessary skills before they try riding and controlling a horse with lots of distractions on the trail or along a road.

Riding a horse is not the easiest thing in the world and horseback riding could be very dangerous if you don't have the appropriate skills for control.  I've heard countless stories about how the horse 'took off with me'. People have to start somewhere when learning any skill and riding a horse usually starts with the very basic skills.

A horse riding arena allows a beginner to make sure these things are done properly in an enclosed area where the dangers are minimal.  If you have to worry about things that might spook your horse, the consequences could be deadly or at least very dangerous.  A proper riding arena will give you a chance to ride around the arena without all of these distractions. You'll be more able to focus on yourself.  You'll also has to learn to rein and leg aids and how to apply them correctly.  In an arena, you can practice these skills without worrying about a ravine that might cause the horse to go down while you go over.

A riding arena is also a great place for riders with advanced skills.  Jumping arenas make a great way to practice exact turning skills needed at shows. Any horse and rider can benefit by learning to jump small obstacles - say about 18 - 24 inches  Out in the trail, there are natural obstacles that a horse might jump.  A horse might have to jump like a log or a creek.  If you learn and practice these skills in a riding arena, the jumps on a trail become easy and fun. Any new skill you can learn makes riding that much more interesting as your horse becomes more and more trained.

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