August 8, 2007

Stubben Steeltec Stirrups Recalled


If you've bought a pair of Stubben Steeltec stirrups in the past, you need to contact Stubben at 1-800-550-1110 or go to their website. They will give you a full refund.

stirrups.jpg These stirrups were sold through all authorized dealers. They are stainless steel with a hinge on each side. "Stubben STEELtec" is printed on them.  They were sold between August 2006 thru May 2007.

There have been two reports of the hinges breaking, but no injuries.

Here's something I have to share with my fellow horsie friends…

The wording on the recall notice is written by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is how they described the stirrups, "The recalled stirrups are attached by straps to a saddle and are used by horseback riders to help them mount a horse or for support while riding."  I guess that was to differentiate them from the stirrups you don't attach to a saddle…..

Seems to me if you bought a pair of $100 stirrups, you'd kinda know what they were for and how to attach them. You'd probably even know the name of those 'straps'.


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