August 23, 2007

Trail Riding Vacations Take You Back To Nature

A trail riding vacation offers some of the best opportunities you can get to combine your love of horses and the beautiful outdoors. Just picture yourself riding in a very scenic landscape - flowers in full bloom, mountains, along a creek, on a beach…. This is the type of experience that will always stay in your memory.  I'm ready to pack right now!

A trip like this takes you away from the city life and into clean and refreshing places where the atmosphere is very unlike what you are used to in your daily grind. In any case, you can be sure that horse riding trails are quiet and peaceful as well as very beautiful. You will be sure to smell, see things and also hear things you will not get an opportunity to do in the city. Bring your camera with you along with plenty of batteries and extra memory cards. You'll get to see up close plenty of nature's wonderful creations while having a great time with your family and friends.

Generally a trail riding vacation will include a guide who is very familiar with the area and who carries emergency supplies. I'd still recommend you carry a few essentials like an all purpose tool with a knife and wire cutters at the least. A few pieces of hay string are nice to have. That stuff is tough and can fix a broken rein or girth if you get in a pinch. If you've taken your own horse for the vacation, bring along some type of emergency hoof boot. A basic first aide kit for humans and horses is a nice touch too. If you have room, take duct tape. I know that sounds weird, but I've used that stuff for just about everything including loose horse shoes or a lost shoe or even as first aide for a deep cut. (I had someone tell me once that the black duct tape works best if you don't want to have stitches. I'm not recommending this - just passing it along!)

For those of you who are more adventurous, there are many horse riding trails that are worth trying out and which are located outside the United States including those in South Africa. There, you will find trails that are very different in terms of terrain and which are ideal for briskly cantering on a beach, or ambling quietly through vineyards and also even riding quickly through the fantastic grasslands. All in all, there is plenty of opportunity to test your horse riding abilities and also put your horse through its paces, and best of all there are also big game about. Most trips could last for an hour or two and they will take you into the wilderness, and taking to horse riding trails by moonlight is another very appealing idea as well.

One of the better horse riding trails you will want to visit in South Africa is Biggarsberg Horse Trails whose base is at Larksend Farm and which is just as suitable for a novice as an expert horse rider, and besides the excellent horse riding trails that you can travel, there is also excellent and comfortable accommodation as well to make sure that you have a very relaxing outing. You can expect to see grasslands for miles and miles and the lovely umkhamba trees and the sparkling water of many a stream along with excellent vistas should make your experience truly memorable.

Plan your horse vacation carefully - get in shape so that you'll be able to enjoy the trip - and have a great time.

PS - Send me pictures!

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